About us

About us

About us

Sam already lived there when Annelies moved in to make her dream come true: her own little farm in the country side.

The most beautiful farm in the world

It was love at first site. The most beautiful farm in the world. That’s to say: for Annelies it was the most beautiful farm in the world and for Sam a great place to live. It was – let us say – not quite finished yet.

Great ambitions

A project started which eventually would take more than 2 years. Because the house needed a new kitchen, the bathroom was not quite finished, and lots of work outside too.The garden needed an overhaul: building borders, making grass into a lawn, pruning the willows and replanting trees. And the part of the house where Annelies wanted to build rooms for a holiday home was no more than a hovel without electricity. And all the time, new work kept piling up. 

Many helping hands

Luckely enough troops arrived to help. Family, in-laws, friends, friends of friends – they all came to dig, paint, lay piping, and nail down walls.

Tjongejonge” (Dutch for “oh boy” ) what a lot of work”, many sighed. So it was decided the house would be called thus, which was also a wordplay to Annelies’ last name.

Thanks to those dozens of extra hands, the holiday home could finally open its doors in 2016.

Meanwhile we are a few years later. Sietske, a joyful bastard Labrador jointed the company of Annelies and Sam . And look how beautiful it all became.

Take a look at what our rooms look like today!